CMM Inspection Consulting: Help your inspection team get the most out of your CMM investment with coaching from a highly experienced programmer. Axymetrix can help with blueprint reading, program planning, coordinate system construction, probing strategies, algorithm selection, program troubleshooting, analysis of results, and reporting.

Data Analysis: Data from coordinate metrology devices (CMM's, articulating arms, laser trackers, scanners, etc.) contains a wealth of extra information that is often untapped. Axymetrix offers a variety of services to extract additional value from 3D measurement data. · Read in standard CMM text output reports and convert into 3D CAD data for analysis · Import raw XYZ point data and compare directly to CAD surfaces · Visualize deviations graphically as whisker plots or color deviation maps · Read in data from multiple part runs and perform statistical analysis · Create statistical reports including control charts, histograms, and capability studies · Evaluate complex geometric tolerances · Apply advanced 3D best fitting techniques

Root Cause Analysis: The relationship between process problems and final part characteristics is often complex. Axymetrix uses a variety of analytical tools to identify the root causes of dimensional variation and recommend process adjustments or design modifications.